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Year End Summary, 2016

What I posted in 2016, as of 24 Sept: Bridget Jones" Diary: 5Collapse )
Total word count (1st Quarter): 691
Total word count (2nd Quarter): 74,380
…for a total of 75,071.
Last year's total to beat: 194,099.

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Fic: Substance & Style [4 + Epilogue]

Substance & Style

By S. Faith, © 2016
Words: 25,937
Rating: M / R
Summary, Disclaimer, Notes: See Chapter 1.

Forgot to update here AGAIN with chapter updates.

Chapter 4: Reconciliation {sexytimes alert!}
Chapter 4 on AO3
Chapter 4 on FFnet

Chapter 5: Epilogue
Epilogue on AO3
Epilogue on FFnet

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Substance & Style

By S. Faith, © 2016
Words: 25,937
Rating: M / R
Summary, Disclaimer, Notes: See Chapter 1.

My bad! Forgot to update here with chapter updates.

Chapter 2: Repercussions
Chapter 2 on AO3
Chapter 2 on FFnet

Chapter 3: Redress
Chapter 3 on AO3
Chapter 3 on FFnet

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Fic: Substance & Style [1 / 4 + Epilogue]

Substance & Style

By S. Faith, © 2016
Words: 25,937
Rating: M / R
Summary: Mark had a choice to make, and he chose… poorly. Now he's paying the price.
Disclaimer: Really not mine. Except maybe for Kevin.
Notes: Based mostly in column universe, inspired by the column from 23 May 1998. Rating for Chapter 4. Trigger warning for an angry temper and a punch.

Available at Archive of Our Own (preferred, no ads and easier to read formatting) and Fanfiction dot net.

I wrote this before I saw the newest movie, finished back in July. Not influenced by it at all.

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Bridget Jones's Baby: The Spoiler-Laden Review / Post

As you know, I have been waiting literally years for this film. I was beside myself when I saw them filming last October. I nearly exploded when I first saw those photos of Colin Firth in character as Mark Darcy. We went to the first possible showing at our local cinema.

But... I was totally won over.Collapse )

*two thumbs up*

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I saw Bridget Jones's Baby, and... winner. I have a few minor nits to pick, but they get the important things right. And that's what matters, really.

Renée Zellweger is amazing (and I will fight anyone who says she had work done, because she looks like herself, only older; you know, because she is). How refreshing it is to see a woman my age not cast as a mother to an actor ten years younger! Colin Firth is sublime (just read this article; they get it right, though it is a bit SPOILERY: Colin Firth Will Break Your Heart in Bridget Jones's Baby). Patrick Dempsey holds his own as "shiny new American" Jack. I adorrrrre Sarah Solemani as Miranda. And how lovely was it to see the rest of the gang again: Shaz/Jude/Tom, Pam and Colin.

It's just the right balance of hilarious and poignant. And I will stop there, because I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. If you were fond of the first one, I think you'll deffo like this one.

P.S. Stay after the credits. There's a delightful little post-credit treat.

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Fic rec: Through the Years

Title: Through the Years
Author: eggsbenni221
Summary: Mark hadn't wanted a surprise for his birthday, so naturally he got one anyway. (Book universe).
Words: ~13,000
Rated: Mature

Author notes: Book universe Mark would turn 60 this year if he were alive, so naturally I'm throwing him a party, whether or not he wants one. Typos are mine, as usual.

You can find it at Archive of Our Own.

And now I have Kenny Rogers stuck in my head. Don't you? :D

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Happy Firthday!

Happy birthday, lads. As is tradition. *clinks glass in toast*

I just watched an interview where Renée asked him, isn't your birthday the day before Hugh's? And Colin says, "Yep, yep."

Probably he just misheard and didn't actually forget that his birthday is the day after Hugh's, right?

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T-minus 12 days and counting!

So hi there, yes, I'm still writing, no I haven't posted anything in a while, story-wise, though goodness knows there's enough waiting in the wings. I have been wallowing happily in all of the press coming out.

Here are some of my favourite bits from the last two days or so:

  • A good trailer/promo clip ("I would leave me for him."), but look at about the 16-second mark: Bridget Jones’s Baby - Mark Darcy V Jack Qwant (Universal Pictures) HD.

    In case you don't want to play it, here's the (IMHO) highlight: Behind the cut. Youngsters, avert your eyes!Collapse )

  • Where Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey have to make the case to Bridget for their characters (genuinely one of my favourite interviews I've seen so far). Via the CNN site.

  • This LA Times article: 'Bridget Jones’s Baby': An enviable quandary: Patrick Dempsey or Colin Firth?. The last paragraph is the one that got me, because he really gets the character he's playing:
    It’s a challenge for Mark, especially, who tends to keep his passions deep below the surface. After a long day of playing the character, Firth said, he’d often have to spend a few minutes doing some deep breathing just to relax his body again.

    “You know, unclench a few muscles,” the actor said. “It’s nice to put on a suit and tie, but there were a few times it almost hurt to play him. I mean that frivolously, obviously. But he’s stiff from the neck down.

    “You almost want to tell Mark to just ‘spit it out’ sometimes,” he continued. “He’s still emotionally constipated. But he still has this burning passion for her. I find it quite moving that he’s so passionately single-minded about her. It’s not some misty-eyed, nostalgic thing -- it’s pretty hot-blooded and sexual.”
  • A recording of a live chat with Renee Zellweger and Emma Thompson. Very amusing, about 20 minutes long. Via Marie Claire's Facebook page.

  • Renee and Sally Phillips also appeared together on "The One Show", and they were funny and charming. Via "The One Show" on BBC.uk, but unless you're in the UK (or can trick the site to think you are with a proxy, not that I would advocate that, just sayin'), you won't be able to view it.

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Compare and contrast. And trailers!

So you've seen the new trailers, yes? In case not:


For the first time, we get a sample of Mark Darcy's handwriting…

Screenshots and descriptions behind the cut...Collapse )

I have to say that these say a lot about each of these men. And why Mark is right to be worried….

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